Monday, June 13, 2011

Thai Green Curry - 2 ways

We make different varieties of Thai curry for dinner at least a few times per week, so we buy the curry paste in large quantities. Recently we ran out of green curry paste and replenished our stock from the Asian market. I was so irritated to realize, after getting it home and cooking with it one time, that this brand contained shrimp paste! Fortunately, the market also carries a brand that is vegan and my friend Miriam was more than happy to take the other off my hands.

We generally make the curry sauce the same: green curry paste, coconut milk, a little vegetarian stir fry sauce, and a little palm sugar. Sometimes a splash of Mirin or soy, sometimes extra ginger and garlic. The veggies are typically onion, bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, eggplant, and whatever else seems good at the time.

The most recent variations:

Red Rice and 'Veef' (vegetarian beef)

Noodles and Vegan Shrimp


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Rika @ Vegan Miam said...

Did not know you went to Eugene and Portland, too :) Where are you from though? I'm also a part-time Oregonian.

xxx from Vienna

Anonymous said...

What brand of shrimp do you use? I saw a picture on a previous post, but where do you purchase it from? How do you compare the taste to real shrimp or other vegan options?