About Me

I became a vegan in January of 2008. My husband John agreed to give it a go for 2 weeks, and has been on board ever since!  We had a wonderful vegan meal served at our wedding and vegan cupcakes for dessert!

Currently, we are living in Aarhus, Denmark with our 2 kitties. Being a vegan in a country that takes pride in the fact that they have more pigs than people makes life both interesting and complicated. Fortunately, Denmark has a developing vegan awareness, and a few organic and vegan friendly markets. So, with the help of google translate, online ordering, and picture labels at the grocery store, I have been able to find almost everything I am used to having in my kitchen. 

I was even able to bring along some of my favorite kitchen appliances, thanks to this big guy! 

I am not very creative in the art of cooking. I follow recipes, I don't create them! Fortunately, I have found awesome vegan blogs to get ideas from and some favorite cookbooks for everything from gourmet meals, to fantastic baked goods, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and flavors from all around the world.  

We love to travel and seek out vegan food.  I enjoy cooking for friends and opening people's eyes to the delicious possibilities that vegan food offers.