Thursday, August 19, 2010

Southeast Asia on a Vegan Shoestring

My blog has been severely neglected lately but with good reason. I have been/will be traveling through South East Asia for the month of August. So far, I have been to Pangkor Island, Malaysia; Boracay, Philippines; and Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Finding vegan food has been a cinch, especially Thailand. Today, I had the most amazing lunch consisting of tofu and green beans in a spicy red curry and green curry all served on a red colored rice. It was insanely spicy but well worth the burn! The restaurant was called Thai Vegetarian Food (very original!) and was a large cart in front of a sitting area. There were about a dozen prepared dishes to choose from. I pointed and the guy loaded my plate. The charge was 20 baht (about 63 cents!!!)

Tomorrow, I am off to Siam Rice Thai Cookery School! We prepare a 6 course meal, including a homemade curry paste and curry dish, noodle dish, soup, salad, stir fried vegetable, and dessert. So freaking excited! I will post pictures of my work soon!

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Carolyn said...

Lucky, lucky you!! What a dream trip...Enjoy and take lots of notes and lots of pictures and make lots and lots of memories :)

Happy travel