Monday, July 13, 2009

Mac & Teese

I continue my search for a vegan cheese that is actually good. I am not saying it has to be exactly like cheese. I gave up cheese long ago and truly have lived very happily without it. But, the one consistent comment I get from people is, "I could never give up cheese." I guess because of how often I hear this comment, I continue to seek out a replacement that, even if it doesn't taste exactly like cheese, serves the same function in a recipe. With all that said, I feel that the cheeses I make myself are much more satisfying than the ones I have purchased from the grocery store. My latest splurge (vegan cheese is very pricey!) is called Teese. I mixed it with some Quinoa pasta. I was not impressed. For the record, I do not eat imitation foods, like meats and cheeses, because I miss the real thing! I like a diet that varies in flavor and texture. These imitations are generally great sources of protein and add nice flavors and consistencies to meals. The quest continues!

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