Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spiced Banana Pancakes

Taken from the Vegan Planet cookbook, this recipe was the perfect way of getting rid of 3 very, very ripe bananas! The recipe that the link above takes you to is a bit different from the one in the cookbook and I followed the original. I used All-Purpose flour instead of Whole Wheat and Almond Milk instead of Soy. I also used Pumpkin Pie Spice instead of All Spice because they are very close and it is what I had! I doused my pancakes in Maple Syrup. Unfortunately, it was Canadian syrup. In the future, I will support PETA's request to boycott Canadian syrup in support of the efforts to stop the slaughter of seals. I know, I know, I usually don't get involved in PETA issues. But, I did a little research and felt it was the absolute least I could do for the poor seals.

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