Monday, April 4, 2011

Special Delivery: Liquid Smoke

My mother in law mailed me two bottles of liquid smoke! I was never able to find it here in Denmark, so this supply should last for a very long time!

Thanks Mom and Neil! We love you guys. 

First recipes I will try now that I have the stuff:
Eggplant Bacon
Chipotle Lentil Burgers


Margaret said...

You're very welcome. We had to be very creative with the packaging, but I was so happy to get them out to you. I didn't want you to wait until the summer. Now you have to share your recipe for eggplant bacon with me. That sounds very very interesting!
luv you,

Amateur Cook said...

I have seen several recipes which include that stuff, some as a "secret" ingredient and I've been tempted to mail order some to myself. So far I haven't been able to 'sauce' any locally.

Courtney's Vegan Journal said...

I highly recommend it! It gives a great smokey flavor. And a bottle lasts forever because a little bit goes a long way!