Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wild Rice and Chanterelle Mushroom Soup

This weekend, we went to the annual Eugene Mushroom Festival at Mount Pisgah. It was fun, very crowded though. We were a little annoyed with trying to look at all the types of mushrooms because people kept stopping to take a million photos of each mushroom. John sampled a few kinds of mushrooms, but I passed because they were sautéed in butter. We didn't purchase any mushrooms because they were a bit pricey. But, on our way home we saw a "side of the road" stand that was selling chanterelle mushrooms, a pound for $5. We only had $4 on us but the man was very nice and let us still have a pound! I decided to make a wild rice and mushroom soup in the crock pot when we got home. I sort-of followed this recipe but left out the cabbage, barley, and spinach. Instead, I added carrots and celery. I also doubled the wild rice amount instead of the barley (I didn't have any!) It cooked all day and tasted great. It did make a lot and after a few days, the rice had absorbed ALL of the liquid. It then became bloated rice and mushroom soup. Next time, smaller batch!

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