Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tofu Florentine

We ate this deliciousness around 11:30 and won't need to eat again until dinner tonight!!! Except for maybe a leftover chocolate cupcake, or two! It was so filling and rich and nutritious. The recipe comes from the Veganomicon cookbook (of course! All recent recipes have been from this amazing book!) You can serve it with an English Muffin or over Diner Home Fries. I was unable to find English Muffins here in Vienna, so I opted for the potatoes. I did not follow the book's suggested recipe, but instead made Garlic Homefries, a recipe we have made many times in the past and love. The broiled tofu was simple: cut a block of tofu into 16 triangles, dip in a mixture of water, soy sauce, garlic, and lemon juice, broil for 10 minutes, spoon a bit more dip on top and broil for 3 more minutes. I sauteed a bag of pre-washed spinach in a tablespoon of vegan butter and sliced a tomato. The cheezy sauce is amazing and will get made again for macaroni, nachos, raw veggies, a spoon....Great stuff. Excellent brunch option.

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Pomegranate said...

Wow! That looks awesome!!