Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Green Smoothies

I went to the Portland Farmer's Market today to stock up on supplies for Green Smoothies. Since reading the book Green For Life, John and I have really enjoyed replacing a meal with a green smoothie. Of course, we get a lot of critics. It is amazing how friends become "nutrition experts" as soon as you start following a dietary pattern that is healthy. But when was the last time a friend reached out to you with concern for your health while eating a cheeseburger or a greasy piece of pizza! It is completely warped.
Anyway, the key to sticking to the Green Smoothies is variety. Mixing different greens with different fruits. I have also been adding a product by Vega called Smoothie Infusion. It adds a bit of powdery texture but loads of nutrients. My plan is to finish this package of the product but, in the future, I will just add flax seed to the smoothies because we already drink the original Vega daily and the Smoothie Infusion is a bit pricey.
So, today I bought peaches, apples, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, arugula, kale, and lettuce all organic and all for a whopping 20 bucks! I will post some of the smoothie creations I come up with very soon!

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Vanessa Hernandez said...

Hi there,

I've just started researching green smoothies because I'd really like to start adding them to my diet. I know exactly what you mean when you say people become food experts when you start eating healthy. It's amazing really. It's so perplexing that they can really criticize a plant based diet. Sometimes it really stresses me out because I'm already thin so my family assumes I'm going to lose even more weight on a vegetarian diet. Oh well, I know I'm doing something good =)

By the way I enjoyed browsing through your blog. Fun and informative stuff =)