Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eating Vegan in Vienna - Sehr gut

My husband John and I moved to Vienna, Austria last week. His job (wind turbines) requires us to make a few international moves and Vienna is stop number one. I was extremely nervous before moving here about the possibility of eating without giving up my vegan values! Fortunately, I have been able to get around the grocery store (there is one on every corner) and have not had a problem finding organic veggies and fruits, grains, and tofu (trust me, it is no Portland Ota tofu, but it will suffice). We have also found a list of vegan restaurants to try on the Happy Cow website and other Vienna vegan bloggers have great ideas too.

So, I have been cooking a lot of simple dishes with veggies and grains. For fun, I found a vegan version of the traditional Wiener Schnitzel at the grocery store. John loved it and it cooked on the stove top in a little olive oil in 5 minutes. The company is Vega Vita and we have also tried their "chicken nuggets" which were so-so. Along with the Wiener Schnitzel, I sliced and roasted an eggplant, and made whole wheat pasta. The pasta is added to a sauteed mixture of shitake mushrooms, onion, garlic, salt and pepper, and a green leafy veggie that I could not figure out what it was! First, I thought it was baby spinach but after opening it, I realized it was not!!! I forgot to google the name and have since thrown the bag away. At any rate, it had a very nice flavor! We dowsed it with onion and basil tomato sauce and enjoyed.

A few of my favorite lines from the eating out section of my German handbook:
1. Nichts mit Augen. (Nothing with eyeballs.)
2. Ich esse nur Insekten. (I eat only insects.)
3. Ich bin Schnapshund. (I'm a boozehound.)

Guten Appetit!


Melanie said...

hey! welcome to Vienna. If you have any questions, let me know! we should hang out and get dinner or a weekend lunch!


Anonymous said...

the "green" stuff is Zucchini, i think

Vegan Miam said...

I am trying that one :) just posted on that on my blog :)

xxx from Vienna