Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made these cookies for 2 reasons. 1) I missed chocolate chip cookies, American style. Bakeries here in Vienna have amazing, delicious baked goodies, but I haven't seen good ol' Chocolate Chip cookies anywhere! 2) I missed baking and wondered if it would be possible for me to bake some of my old stand-by favorites with the ingredients I have access to here. The result, not my old stand-by's but John and I managed to eat all 2 dozen in about 3 days. :-)
In my pursuit for the appropriate ingredients, I learned quite a lot of German! Baking Soda was challenging to find because my translation of it was not correct. Also, I never did find Vanilla extract. In it's place, I used Vanille Zucker (vanilla sugar) which is just what it sounds like, vanilla bean stems soaked in sugar. A blog claimed that, in equal measure, it could be substituted. I also chose a different recipe from what I am used to because I couldn't find vegan butter. This recipe uses oil for moisture. I didn't find tapioca flour, so used all-purpose instead. The brown sugar that I bought (Brauner Zucker) was basically just turbinado sugar. I used soy milk and sunflower oil (instead of canola) and chopped up a dark chocolate bar for chips (couldn't find them!!!)
So, the flavor was very sweet, almost too sweet. The vanilla sugar was very strong, not in a bad way, just a different way. The exterior of the cookies were very shiny. All in all, I won't make this exact recipe again, but I will continue to try to make a good chocolate chip cookie!

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