Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mushroom and Spinach Strudel

John keeps commenting on how much my cooking style has changed since we moved to Vienna but I am trying to combine my style with some of the traditional local favorites. (Side note: to say they eat a lot of meat and cheese is the greatest of understatements!!!) So, when John came home one day with his bottom lip quivering because "Everyone eats this delicious looking strudel for lunch every day," I decided to get this strudel thing under my belt! A blog I have check out many times and borrowed recipes from in the past had exactly what I was looking for. It is called "What the hell does a vegan eat anyway?" and is hilarious with amazing pictures, recipes and raw food weekly. Instead of using tofu (I still haven't found a tofu here that I am absolutely in love with) I used the extra Wiener Schnitzel patties from the previous week. I had to use 2 sheets of phyllo because I couldn't get one piece to fold and be large enough, like the blog suggests. I wilted my spinach in a little bit of the wonderful soy butter I found a few days ago and cooked my mini-portobello mushrooms in a combination of basil, garlic, dark soy sauce, salt and pepper, and onion. The wrap up was pretty easy (no doubt because of the massive amount of butter I spread on the phyllo!) and I baked it on a sheet of foil. I am still getting used to Celsius temperature so I think 400F is equivalent to about 204C. If I am way off, I am not worried because it worked out very well!!! The gravy was easy to make because I had left-over mushrooms so I added them to a cup of water with a Vegetable Bullion melted down and a tablespoon of flour. On the side, steamed brocolli (and yes, I did add a little of the soy butter that is my new obsession, while it cooked!) I made sure to have an extra piece for John to take to work! You should have seen his sweet face when he realized he would get to show off with strudel to his co-workers!

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