Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Apple-Squash Soup with Rosemary Crackers

My current food obsession: soup. Could it be the rainy, cold, gloomy, dare-I-say-it, miserable weather of Vienna? Yes. But dinner tonight was so easy and so delicious! We managed to eat the entire pot of soup, minus one lunch serving for John. I had two large bowls, John had three, and the rest went to work with him today. The recipe for the soup had to be adjusted a bit. I used olive oil instead of butter and veggie broth instead of chicken. And, because of the curry flavor, I decided coconut milk would be a nice addition instead of soy creamer. Today, as John was pouring the final portion into his to-go ware for lunch, he tasted a bit with his finger and said it was even better today! The crackers were also insanely easy and I chose to put rosemary on top, but they can be sprinkled with any type of spice or herb.

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