Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pasta with wine sauce and roasted veggies

John and I bought a large white squash when we first moved here. I am not sure why we chose this squash, I have never cooked one like it before, but it was in the shape of a flower and we love squash! I googled the German name and it is in the Pattypan family. So, I chopped it up, cut the outside off and added a sliced eggplant and orange pepper, mixed with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roasted for about an hour. I boiled some bow tie, whole grain pasta and mixed it with the roasted veggies. For a sauce, I followed the recipe that I used for the Louie's Cannelloni, No Baloney. It is from the VegNews magazine. I am excited to say I will still be receiving the magazine here in Vienna, but as online material! Savin' those trees! I reheated left-over Rosemary rolls and served a mixed green salad with Balsamic and Olive oil dressing and sliced beets. It was a really delicious and filling meal.

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