Sunday, February 28, 2010

Burnt Broccoli and Tomato Omelets

My second attempt at vegan omelets and this time they tasted and looked much better! This recipe, from Vegan Brunch, produced a less mushy, tougher, more egg-like texture. The taste also mimicked eggs more closely because of the kala namak. By itself, kala namak is very sulfuric tasting and smelling. Much too strong to eat alone. But mixed in with the batter, it definitely reminded both John and I of what cooking with eggs was like! We both sprinkled an additional amount on the finished omelet before eating.

I absolutely loved this faux omelet and thought it would be fun to serve to non-vegans. This is always the debate because we do not have an other vegan friends. John disagreed claiming it was far to different from an original omelet to win the affection of a non-vegan. I say, it is healthier than an egg, less devastating to the environment that an egg, and tastes really good. How can a person not be satisfied. John's reply, "It isn't a real omelet." Fine.

I think the key to this omelet recipe is the turmeric for color, chickpea flour for texture, and kala namak and nutritional yeast for flavor.

We stuffed ours with Burnt Broccoli and tomato, which is exactly what it sounds like. Chopped broccoli and tomato is sauteed in olive oil at high enough heat to crisp it up. We also added a sprinkle of Cheshire Sheese.

The whole process was a bit time consuming but I think that had to do with it being our first time and making smaller omelets because of our difficulties with flipping. Bigger omelets will speed it up in the future.

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