Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vegan Travel Highlights: London

I am finally home in Denmark after a month of traveling. London, Portland, Key West, and Central Florida were my destinations and ALL had yum vegan food to offer. Here are a few of the highlights!
London Restaurants:

Beatroot:  Great lunch spot. You select a small or large box and they fill it completely full with delicious vegan salads, sides, and entrees. Cheap and very filling.


Rootmaster: Gourmet vegan food served on a street car. FUN!  A bit on the pricey side but the service was excellent and the atmosphere was priceless! 

Mildreds: Small restaurant but cozy and a huge menu with simple, comfort food or gourmet-feeling choices. Busy and slow service but awesome food.

Zilli Green: I think this place is owned by the same guy as Mildreds. We ate so much delicious vegan food while in London but I particularly remember this meal. Sure, it could be the cheesecake! But everything was just so good.

Saf Restaurant: Sunday roasts are a big deal in London and this place offers one vegan style. We had brunch here and started with the Raw Vegan Cheese plate. Amazing. We also had an excruciatingly expensive almond milk shake. Good but not $9 good.  

Ms. Cupcake: We seriously chased this lady down! She doesn't have an actual store; instead she sells at other stores or markets. We found her at an animal rights fair. Really, really good cupcakes and a huge variety of flavors!

We also went to the Borough Market. Really cool place to walk around...and EAT!

Soup (can't remember the name of the stand but they had a dozen soups to choose from and the ingredients were very clearly displayed...lots were vegan.)

The Veggie Table: Heavenly vegan burger! 

And finally, worth mentioning but the photo didn't turn out: Vitao. Vegan and raw buffet. 
London is vegan paradise for eating out. Such an awesome city!

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Jill said...

It looks like you had a great time eating in London!! I had a chance to eat at a lot of the same places when we visited last year. You made great choices ;)