Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cleaning out the kitchen!

I am excited to find that I actually have very few items that are not already vegan!!! Worcestershire sauce surprised me with anchovies!!!! I also have obvious things like honey and shrimp bouillon (a random purchase of John’s). I am making plans to use these items up (many in lunches for John so I can avoid them) and am currently searching for replacements.

Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids is a recommended substitute for the Worcestershire sauce….A product that I have used and enjoyed for years.

While perusing the web I came across this very interesting link at the Peta website that says items such as OREO’s, Bisquick, and Crisco are vegan. After further noodling, I found that they contain the ingredients Mono and Diglycerides…..which CAN be made of animal fat. It seems Peta labels items vegan if the animal products measure less than 2%. Interesting!
The cake mix, Crisco, and Bisquick are from the list!

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