Monday, January 21, 2008

First Vegan Meal!!!

Quick, healthy and delicious are requirements of my new vegan diet. I took a recipe that my great friend Susan gave me years ago and added a few flavors. It started with garlic and onion cooking in olive oil. I added spinach, red pepper and lentil beans along with a can of tomato paste, a bay leaf, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and water. After 3o minutes the beans were soft and dinner was ready! John needed more salt on his but a hearty, rich Lentil Stew resulted. I steamed a mixture of frozen veggies, added avocado, pepper and limejuice and had a nice side dish.

Next time I will probably steam broccoli as a side dish instead. The veggies tasted really great but John said the stew was "fall" flavored and the veggies were "spring." Good combinations of main and side dishes is an area I would like to improve on!

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