Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tofu Stir Fry

My friend Miriam was the lucky recipient of a friend's interesting collection of kitchen staples when he moved back to China. Lucky for me, she invited me over to create a meal using some of these ingredients. We were able to come up with a really delicious combination that included veggies and tofu stir fried and served over Chinese Black Rice.
We started with olive oil, some sort of hot, peppery oil (I will have to ask her more specifically what it was), diced ginger and garlic, and half a red onion. When the onion was translucent, we added 4 chopped green onions, a chopped carrot, and a few handfuls of dried mushrooms that had soaked in water and were chopped. I think they were shitake, maybe. After this cooked for a few minutes, we pour the thickest soy sauce I have ever seen over everything and stirred it together. It was dark soy sauce and was almost like a syrup. We tossed in cubed tofu and let it absorb some of the flavor. Meanwhile, we boiled water and cooked the Chinese Black Rice. It turns the water a purple-ish color while cooking and is so beautiful! The flavor was subtle, yet delicious but I think I would like to add a little rice wine vinegar next time for a sweet flavor. It was a good meal, and great company!

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