Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dried Bean Curd Sheets

John and I used to order Ginger Bean Curd from a restaurant in Eugene, Oregon called Lotus Garden. It was amazing; so when we saw dried bean curd sheets at the Asian Market, we were very excited!

I couldn't find much in the way of directions or recipes online but decided to make a ginger and veggie stir fry, wrap it up in the bean curd sheets (egg-roll style) and then fry the rolls.

After soaking the bean curd for almost an hour in hot water, it was still pretty tough. It did not turn into the soft, fluffy layers that I so fondly remember, even after being fried. The texture was rubbery and did not smell appealing. To sum it up, it was like eating band-aids. No, I have never eaten a band-aid, but I am sure this is what it would be like.

Needless to say, I will be leaving the bean curd to the professionals.


Vicki said...

Ewww, I don't think that eating something the texture of band aids would be too good!!!

Anonymous said...

I usually have the vegetarian rolls as follows: I stir-fry julienned veggies, and let them cool. Then I fill in the sheets (wipe-cleaned and softened by moisture) and roll then up like tacos or folded like spring rolls. You then steam the rolls or panfry them. Add gravy or dip them in some sauce if preferred, etc.