Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spicy, Roasted Veggie Tofu Omelets

This is my third attempt at the recipe for Tofu Omelets in Vegan Brunch and John and I agree, they get better each time! Of course, my first omelet of this batch was a complete failure, reminding me that if the batter is too thin, it is impossible to flip. On the other hand, too thick results in a raw, gooey and pasty like mess. My other conclusion, don't be afraid to cook the omelet until it is a dark, golden brown. A little crispiness compliments this dish nicely!

I melted mozzarella style cheese slices inside the omelet along with black olives and a mixture of spicy, roasted veggies. I found these slices at a super cute organic grocery store here in Denmark called Ganefryd.