Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Golden Curry with Basmati Rice

In September, I will be changing my status from full-time housewife to "I need more help around the house because I now have a full time job!"
Although I have loved spending my days experimenting with vegan cooking, obsessing over housework, reading, catching up on American TV, traveling, and other adventures inside the home and beyond, I am extremely excited about a) a schedule, b) daily adult interaction that doesn't involve someone being paid to help me (e.g, check-out clerks, ikea employees, dry cleaner, etc.) and c) my own paycheck!

To help me get back into the swing of full time work, John is helping with dinner a few nights a week. For his first meal, he chose this boxed, Indian-inspired, "just add water" dish. I love him to pieces and he is an amazing partner.....but I quickly established it was an old favorite from his bachelor days.

That aside, it was a hot vegan meal, contained veggies and rice, and came together quickly, and quietly!

He added chickpeas, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and onion. He was going to add tofu to the mix, but forgot! :-)

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Mihl said...

Yay for a job! I'd love to have access to such awesome vegan convenience meals!