Sunday, July 25, 2010

Double Broccoli Quinoa and Chickpea Cutlets

This is my absolute favorite recipe for quinoa from the blog site 101 Cookbooks. I followed her recommendation to add sliced avocado, additional toasted almonds, and chili oil before serving.

Incidentally, last time we were at the Asian Market, John bought Chili and Garlic oil. It is extremely hot but added a nice element to the dish.

The broccoli pesto portion of the recipe calls for Parmesan cheese. I made a batch of Sesame Parm. I did not have white sesame seeds though, so I substituted black. Great flavor, interesting color!

Chickpea cutlets are always a hit around here and impossible to mess up.


Mihl said...

That black sesame parm looks cool!

Vicki said...

That quinoa looks great & I make those chickpea cutlets all the time! What did you use instead of the cream in the pesto recipe?

Courtney's Vegan Journal said...

Vicki- I used soy based whipping cream. It comes in a small box and is by SOYATOO! It claims to be "whippable" but every time I have bought it, it is already thick and creamy when I cut the box open and dump it out.

Vicki said...

We have soyatoo here as well so I will have to get some & make this soon!
By the way, I love your blog - I spent ages going through it yesterday & have bookmarked so many things that I want to make :)