Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pizza Research Institute

This was actually our second vegan pizza from PRI. The first time we ordered the "Chef's Choice" which contained about 15 different fruits/veggies. John loved it. I did not care for the sweet flavor that the fruit contributed. This time, we ordered the olive, artichoke heart, and spinach pizza. When we got home from picking it up I dove right in and it only took one bite for me to taste the "never forgotten" flavor of cheese! There accidentally was mozzerella and feta on the pizza....I would have been suspicious if I had not heard John order it vegan over the phone! I think deep down he wanted me to say we could keep it "just this once!" But we took it back and returned it for an even more delicious vegan pizza! They make a smokey cheese sauce along with lots of veggies and a rich tomato sauce. I felt great not eating the cheese. John agreed it made him feel better also.

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