Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Marsala Seitan and Vegan Mac and Cheese

The seitan is "Chicken-Style Seitan Seasoned Wheat Gluten" by White Wave. It is sauteed with mushrooms, Marsala wine, olive oil, salt and pepper. Excellent flavor, texture, and very filling. Simple steamed broccoli is on the side. That concludes the enjoyable part of the meal!!!

The mac and cheese was a HUGE disappointment. I had such high hopes. The texture was creamy and thick and the color looked exactly like cheddar cheese. But the flavor was almost bitter-like. The worst part of all was that the recipe made a full, 13x9 baking dish. So I was eating this for over a week at lunch time. I will be much more cautious about "cheesey" recipes! Small portions until I find something I like. I have since located recipes that give me hope! I will post a recipe when I find one I like.

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