Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vegan MoFo: K is for Kiwi Salsa

I love having people over for dinner because they always want to help out in the kitchen. And, it usually ends up that they make a significant portion of the meal! I think it is brilliant. So tonight's guest chefs: friends (that I happen to work with) Kat and Frud.

Frud made the kiwi salsa. Strangely enough, we put a small portion of an extremely hot jalapeño pepper in, but the salsa did not have any spice to it. It was a bit bland except for the sweet burst of pomegranate seeds. Next time, I will add a splash of hot sauce instead of the jalapeño pepper to ensure a bit of heat.
Here is the recipe. I would like to make it again and experiment with the flavors. I love the concept of it.

Here are the chefs, hard at work.

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Islaborg said...

Kiwi salsa sounds great, I saved the recipe and will try it out asap, sounds like a taste of summer!