Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vegan MoFo: L is for Lentil Tacos

These tacos were made to accompany the kiwi salsa, with the help of our guest chefs!

I had leftover flour tortilla dough in the freezer that thawed in the fridge all day and was ready to go! John rolled the tortillas out and Kat fried them.

I followed this recipe for the Lentil Tacos. I liked the fact that it had a variety of veggies included. I substituted the refried beans with black beans. I also didn't use a substitute for the cheese. The kiwi salsa was enough.

I was not in the mood to chop all the veggies, so I gave them a whirl in the food processor and saved a load of time!

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Andy Dufresne said...

Those tacos look super delicious! I love lentils and I love tacos! How have I not thought to combine the two?!