Monday, March 15, 2010

Oat Milk and The Story of Stuff

I was out shopping with a friend, Christina, and she was looking for ingredients to make an amazing vegan dessert quiche. As a substitute for sour cream, she used Oat Milk. I was surprised at how creamy and thick and rich it was. So, when John and I were shopping this weekend, we bought some and we have been eating it with cereal and coffee. It is not extremely expensive and, in my opinion, better tasting and has a better consistency than Rice Milk.

I have also become very dedicated to buying dried beans. After watching a short documentary called The Story of Stuff, I am trying to do better about buying things with less packaging. I am very diligent about taking my own bags when shopping, bringing my green bags when buying produce, and buying as many things in bulk as possible. Spices, fresh tofu, and dried beans are all things I find easily at the Naschmarkt with very little packaging. I have found it is also much less expensive to buy beans dried. I purchased black beans and chickpeas, each bag was €2.80 ($3.84) and will make approximately 18 cups of beans! Hello beans forever!

Along with the beans, I found organic applesauce (for some peanut butter cookies I will make soon!) and Mori-Nu tofu. Very random.

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