Monday, May 26, 2008

Layered Macaroni Casserole

Before I became a vegan, I used to make this recipe frequently, with a meat substitute but all the cheese! It was hands-down our favorite casserole. I recently made it "vegan-style" and like it just as much! The actual casserole comes together very quickly. Making the vegan cheese is a bit more lengthy. Here are my substitutions: a 12 oz. package of Yves Meatless Ground, 8 oz. quinoa pasta (I buy it in bulk from Capella, 2 cups of tofu ricotta instead of cottage cheese and 1 1/2 cups creamy mozzarella instead of the cheddar. For the topping, I used Orgran Brand vegan bread crumbs, Earth Balance Buttery Spread, and 1/4 cup sesame Parmesan. Lots of leftovers and comes out delicious and crispy on all sides when I use my Baker's Edge pan. It was a birthday present last year from John!

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