Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Ultimate Veggie Burgers

Or so Vegan Planet says! The author, Robin Robertson, has the recipe posted on her blog. I used Urad Beans instead of lentils. I bought them thinking they were black lentils, but found I was mistaken! They are delicious and did a nice job in these burgers.

John and I are going to see the band Deerhoof in Bratislava tonight. I am bringing dinner to his office so we can leave right away and thought burgers would travel nicely.

I found traditional hamburger buns at the store and was excited for see they were vegan! I added ketchup, onion slivers, pickles, and lettuce to our burgers. Wrapped up in foil, they were still warm when we were ready to eat them!

I also found Organic Spelt Pretzels (Bio-Dinkel-Brezeln). And, for a little extra green in our diet, I blanched some green beans and referred to them as green bean chips! They were crunchy and a little sweet, and were much more nutritious than other chips I could have bought!


symphonious sweets said...

This looks like the perfect burger for dinner tonight!

Courtney said...

Yes! They are so fantastic! Since this post, I have made them twice. One of the times with hazelnuts and one with pecans, instead of walnuts. All three nuts were delicious though. Also, I didn't mention it but I do not have browning sauce, so used extra soy. Can't wait to hear how yours turn out :-)