Monday, July 7, 2008

Herb Garden

Today was a gorgeous day outside and after making herb scones for breakfast, I had fresh herbs on my mind. I passed up an opportunity to go disk golfing with John and a friend, but we just played yesterday and I knew a bike ride was in store because John needed the car (we only have one car, so we share:-) I rode to Down to Earth because I assumed they would have a great selection. They are a friendly, local, home and garden shop. I am not sure why, but the selection seemed limited. I am going to check out the Farmer's Market on Tuesday for more, but was able to get a fantastic start for my herb garden today! As pictured, the hanging pot has Cilantro and next to it in the smaller pot are Chives! On my super cute, orange plant stand (yard sale!!!)is Parsley. And in the big pot is my all time favorite herb, Basil. The pot with just dirt is going to be Mint. It is the only herb I am starting from seed. The pot with the Basil is called an Eco Forms Grower pot. It is a "viable, all-natural alternative to plastic. Earth-friendly, made of renewable grain husks and natural binding agents and totally biodegradable." I was sold!

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