Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And the most common question is.....

"How do you know you are getting enough protein?" I feel most comfortable turning the question around and asking, "How do you know you are getting enough protein?" I scrutinize over my food choices, obsessing over each nutrition label before adding it to my cart, Googling every unknown ingredient. So, while looking through my newest addition of Cooking Light (I love this magazine. It is definitely not vegan, but many recipes can be made with vegan ingredients, or with substitutions). I found a "Daily Nutrition Guide" and thought it would be interesting to compare my daily stats with their suggestions.

I also have been re-reading Becoming Vegan to refresh myself so that I can more thoroughly explain my choices to those curious. One of the most powerful statements in the books is as follows:
"In fact, the amino acids in all animal protein are derived from plants, whether they originated from a cow that ate beans and grain, or a fish that ate a smaller fish that ate seaweed."
A few other stats from the book that impacted me: 1 cup of firm tofu = 40 grams of protein. (for comparison) 2 oz ground beef = 10.6 grams. 2 oz. chicken, roasted = 15.3 grams. 2 oz. salmon baked/broiled = 15.5 grams. 1 medium egg = 5.5 grams. 1/2 cup 2% milk = 4 grams. It is a great read for anyone, vegan or not. It contains many charts that give dietary stats on all foods.

Okay, so here is what I ate today and the closest nutritional information I could get! In parenthesis are the recommended amounts from the Cooking Light Chart, for comparison.

Breakfast (B): Good Friends cereal, Almond Milk, coffee, Silk Creamer.
Lunch (L): leftover Aloo Gobi
Dinner(D): Seitan and Mushroom Stroganoff w/Fancy Ribbons, Garlic sautéed Spinach.
Snacks(S): Cutie Vanilla Icecream sandwich, Apple Pie Lara Bar, almonds, Newman's Hint-O-Mint Sandwich Cookies.

Calories: B=240 L=240 D=457 S=570 TOTAL= 1507 (2000)
Protein: B=6g L=8g D=34.5g S=16g TOTAL= 64.5g (50g)
Fat: B=5.5g L=8g D=7.5 S=39g TOTAL= 60g (65g or less)
Saturated Fat: B=0 L=0.5g D=1 S=6g TOTAL= 7.5 g (20g or less)
Carbohydrates: B=45g L=38g D=59.5g S=85g TOTAL= 227.5g (304g)
Fiber: B=13g L=10g D=6g S=9g TOTAL= 38g (25g to 35g)
Cholesterol: B=0 L=0 D=0 S=0 TOTAL= 0 (300mg or less)
Iron: B=3 L=4 D=8 S=4 TOTAL= 19mg (18mg)
Sodium: B=320mg L=90mg D=1505 S=296mg TOTAL= 2211mg (2300mg or less)
Calcium: B=200 L=32 D=250 S=245 TOTAL= 727mg (1000mg)

So now, my question for you is.......Are YOU getting enough protein!?!??!

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