Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First Ever Vegan Omelette

Okay - it is not the prettiest picture! But I did learn a lot making this omelette and feel very confident that in the near future, I will be able to post a much prettier version. First, I only had flavored tofu and no turmeric, which is vital for the coloring! Second, either my pan is smaller than the one the recipe calls for or I made to much batter because it was too thick! I put it under the broiler for a while to cook the top because it was not happening on the stove. The flavor was great but I think because it was so thick, it was a little bit mushier than it should have been. I stuffed it with soy curls and mushroom gravy, a sauteed leek, mushrooms, spinach, a green pepper, and garlic. It was a sort of "everything but the kitchen sink" omelette but did the trick of cleaning out the fridge! I like the recipe because of the simple ingredients I already had in the kitchen.

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