Saturday, January 2, 2010

Potato-Mushroom Blintzes

I haven't made crepes for a long time, so I had forgotten that they can be quite time consuming! I ended up having to make a second batch because so many didn't turn out from the first batch that I had too much filling. A few reasons so many failed include: 1) my fear of the crucial "flip" resulting in a half flip leaving me with a folded crepe, 2) crappy pans, and finally, 3) stingy use of butter in the pan attempting to save calories but resulting in stuck, "unflipable" crepes.
But, this recipe sounded so good and I haven't been making "fancy" breakfast meals much lately. The recipe for the blintzes that I loosely followed is from the Veganomicon cookbook. I did not follow the recipe for crepes that they suggest. Instead, I followed this recipe from I think it is a nice recipe for fruity crepes because it is really sweet (I used agave instead of maple syrup). It needs much more than 1/2 cup water though, unless you want pancakes instead of crepes! I think I will give the Veganomicon crepes recipe a try soon. The one I used makes a very soft, chewy version. They are great for rolling up and serving but not so easy to fold and re-fry.
At any rate, the blintzes turned out amazing. The stuffing is mashed potatoes mixed with a sauteed mixture of mushrooms and onion, salt and pepper. On top is Veganomicon's Mushroom Gravy. It made significantly more than what was needed for the blintzes so we will be eating it again in the near future!
Here are the blintzes wrapped and waiting to be fried.

Here they are fried and ready to eat!

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