Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pasta Maker

I have been picking John's brain for dinner ideas that challenge me and keep me out of a cooking rut. The stromboli from a few nights ago was a total hit, but he stepped it up a notch even further this time asking for tortellini! I have made pasta one time in my life, years ago, and not vegan. I used a rolling pin and round cutter and made ravioli. One of my problems this time was not having a rolling pin. We are temporarily living in Vienna in a furnished apartment provided by John's company. We were only able to move very few things with us, so most of our stuff is in a storage unit in Portland....rolling pin included. So today, in a stroll around town, I found a pasta machine for €16.99 (about $24)!!!!! I also found some organic semolina flour at Mueller. It is a department store that sells perfume, makeup, and oddly enough, many organic staples. Leave it to Vienna!

They also had a product that is basically my beloved soy curls!!!! I have missed them since moving out of the US but to my menu they have returned!!!

So for dinner tonight, soy curls under leftover Mushroom Gravy from our blintzes this morning, leftover Bulgur, Spinach, and Cannelloni salad in endive leaves.
Stay tuned for that tortellini!!!

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