Sunday, January 3, 2010

Potato-Shallot-Sausage Brunch Bundles

Inspired by a post on Vegan Dad for a sweeter, apple version of brunch bundles I opted for the potato/shallot savory flavor route. I copied his recipe for the dough, but only made half. I have been cooking a lot lately and although I love leftovers, our fridge is the size of a small cupboard and is hard to close already! I had sausage (vegan Knackwurst) left over from the stromboli. I sauteed a diced onion in a bit of olive oil and added two diced potatoes. I seasoned this with rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper. When the potatoes were soft, I added the diced sausage.

The prepared dough sat in the fridge while this took place. When the filling was ready, I separated the dough into 4 equal pieces and rolled them out into circles, added a fourth of the filling to each, sprinkled with nutritional yeast and some french fried shallots (slice the shallot into rings, fry in olive oil, and try not to eat them all before you add them to your recipe!), pulled the sides up and pinched it all shut.
It took me forever to find nutritional yeast here in Vienna.

Here is a picture of the bundles pre-baked. John actually did most of the work!

And here they are fresh out of a 350 degree oven, 25 minutes later.

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